Monday, January 1, 2007

Hey, it's been a while that I didn't update my blog. It's because of the seabed cables that were damaged due to mother nature, for short extreamly slow internet lo. A few days ago I got so hype up on playing FlyFF then this problem came. Maybe someone up there wants me to study hard and not to play games. He wants me to have a fresh start, haha.

Another thing that I want to complain(since there's no where else to complain) is that I had to spent Xmas and New Year with MMU indirectly, why?? Christmas was a headache for me this year. I had to finish up my Internet Computing assignment, and I spent 2 - 3 whole nights doing it. BUT it ended up a joke to my lecturer during presentation. He was laughing the whole time during my presentation because I dont have much function. You can even see the what you are typing for the password(not the * sign) due to my forgetfulness. I have there's a slot to entertainment marks in his marking sheet ^^.

For New Year's Eve, I just had this for dinner with my family. It's very nice. Go try it if u got the chance.
Secret Recepi's Irish Lamb Stew


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