Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Mid-term test was ok for me ^^ and I feel glad that all what I have studied came out. Only 1 question that hinders me, and that's the only section I skipped ~_~ *sigh* bad luck.

So, this morning I went to a 9am class at 8am -_-! some of you might think that I was so energetic and hardworking to go class, haha. How the FOM-ers know that the class starts at 9am?? I register the same course as them, I go the same class as them, I enter the same time as them for the past few classes, and how the hell did they know that today's class starts at 9 and there is also a QUIZ?? As one of my friend quoted, "FOM-ers ma". I really felt ashamed for the FIT-ers as I am one of them.

The QUIZ was okay, not perfect but pretty OK ^^


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