Wednesday, December 20, 2006

*Opening Ceremony*

Hi everyone, this time I'm gonna blog here seriously. I've opened a few blogs before but I don't really like the url of the blog -_-!, so I think is better.

Recently I've been reading people's blog and suddenly, it came across my mind that "why don't I start blogging too?." Aight, ask my friends which blog site is good then BLOGSPOT comes in(haha, are they going to pay me for promoting them??). Then I ask this blogging "sifu" of mine, and here's how the conversation goes:

۞ Шaiseng ۞ says: how to put smileys while I'm drafting ar??

{x}{x} says: huh
{x}{x} says: u use wat blog

۞ Шaiseng ۞ says: blogspot

{x}{x} says: errr
{x}{x} says: that u hv to ask B

۞ Шaiseng ۞ says: he dunno also

{x}{x} says: blogspot i dunno

۞ Шaiseng ۞ says: hahaha....
۞ Шaiseng ۞ says: nvm la then

{x}{x} says: ok

۞ Шaiseng ۞ says: u blogging sifu also dunno insert smiley
۞ Шaiseng ۞ says: wahahha

{x}{x} says: sifu dun use blogspot k we have our own DOMAINS

HAR!?!?!?! Since I was a child, I have been taught that a sifu should know everything in their field, "Aper ni"(In malay ^^ ) Well, since this is my 1st post, or entry or whatever you bloggers call it, there is no SMILEYs
Well, I got a test tomorrow and I should be studying rite now, so this ends here for now ^^ TAH!

-waiseng a.k.a Comel Binti Phoon-


*siLLy piGGY* said...

Hohoho~I'm d first to leave u a comment! So having a bloggie at laz o... ^o^
Dun get "heated" for awhile then abandon this blog~looking forward to read more "dirty secrets" from u! hee...
plz dun call urself COMEL anymore la..first time see guys say himself CUTE?? ugh~and "binti" sumore? so GAY~plus U can't eat pork then! LOL!

aurora borealis said...


-waiseng- said...

to: silly piggy
^^ good good, leave more comments in future

to: aurora borealis
haha, nice name leh!! Nvm, dun envy, comel cos u got paio liang ald