Saturday, May 12, 2007

= Stress Week =

I jz hate study weeks. Y? cos it always makes me feel guilty. Y again? cos study week is for people to study and Im not really doing a good job here. NOT even a bit. So far, what I've done for "study week" is catching up all my tv series and my movies, haha -_-". And there's my mangas and animes that are taking up my space, waiting for their turn. speaking of hard disk space, Im really getting pissed at it. Im so sick and embarrassed to go to somebody's house and burn my movies into dvd's. Im wanna either a big ass hard disk or a new dvd writer!! So, back to my story again, I even put an effort to go to the library to study. But when I reached the library, it was so pack until all the seats were taken or it has books and pencil cases on that spot. and most of the spots were pile of papers and there's nobody sitting. So do people really go there early in the morning to reserve a nice place and hang out until 10pm and comeback tot he library to study? -_-" anyways, I found a place right behind which was the round table near the computers. So what did I do? ahem... I jz look at people study. HAHAHAHAHA. sad lar...

While I was talking about TV series jz now, I've been watching this TV comedy. It's called 'The Class'. It was quite funny. I like a girl in there too ^^, girls with attitude. COOL. so here's a simple summary on that movie, it started when this guy calls up all the people from class 86' to a party because he wanted to give a surprise to his fiancee. Then later his fiancee broke up with him in front of everybody. That was how a few of the people there met up and the story goes on from there.

if u have noticed, the girl in pink, she stars in 'Joey' too.
She was one of the main cast in there.
Oh ya, the girl i like wasnt so hot in this picture, but when u see her in the show..
she's HAWT.

I think this is a replacement for the award winning 'FRIENDS' series. Personally, i think that there is no other Tv comedies will top that. 'FRIENDS' ROKS! Anyways, go get 'THE CLASS'. Please dun study, jz watch the show.