Sunday, July 8, 2007

= 7-7-7 =

I met up with tzeting who was an internet friend I met on FRIENDSTER. Actually she cant be counted as an internet friend cos she was in my class before, but she didn't realize that I was in the same class with her :(

So we met up at Sg Wang, her brother came too with his girlfriend. All of them were very friendly and an all rounder. Really nice people. tzeting is really cute and friendly I must say. When she talks she has a habit of covering her mouth, :) that's cute *I'm not saying this in a bad way, it's jz that i do not know how to put it in words, it was really cute tho haha* I'm glad to meet u. So after makan at Kim Gary tzrting's brother and his girlfriend went on their on. So I followed tzeting as she wanted to have a tight fitting jeans. I think there's almost 10 shops we'd gone to, but no suitable 1. Mayb I didnt give good comment gua. Aii...I must b boring her :((

This is some Kim Gary's crazy hot stuff. It was really hot and I can feel
my lips like 2 hot dogs stick together. haha

Nvm, there's still chance. So what's nxt!!? TRANSFORMERS!! in IMAX again, this time I got a really good seat. At the corner and jz infront og the VIP seats. This time I got who's fighting who. At 1st time I cant really tell cos the screen is so freaking huge and I hav to turn my head to get a better view. Good work to the Tranformers team again. Well done.

In the morning before the GSC open there's ald people queuing up for tickets.
The grill jz started to open only.
I dun dare to get a good shot, jz a snap and run type. HAHA,
else every1 will b staring at me

ehem..I dun mean to brag but here's some eye candies, least for me la




I love the rims they give. Like the GTi's

I was thinking to take off the orange thing. mayb it'll look yeng!

Hmm...but it wasn't a perfect delivery tho, yes..Proton makes good car but the QC was really terrible. The cushion wasn't aligned properly, the glove compartment is not smoothly closed and some other minor things. Bringing it back for complain this Tuesday.