Tuesday, September 4, 2007

= New Friends + Whole Lot of FUN =

I took a leave not because I was sick nor I got any emergency. I got it because of RED BOX! hahaha. It was at the curve.

Met up with Jessica, Steven, Bryan, Keat Meng, and Xuan(new friend) at Kluang Station in IKANO. Thanks for the meal Bryan and Happy Birthday Again. Steven, Jessica, and me got u a very cool gift. U have to use it often ya. HAHA.

Then it was the time when ordinary people turn into IDOLS. Especially StevenTanz, he got a load of "pin yin" lyrics stored in his PDA. We waited him to sing while he finds the lyrics from the "database". HAHA

Mr Hoo, Jessica, Kai Xing@Crystal, Vian, CS Tan.

Kai Xing, Vian, CS Tan are the other new friends I met. Jessica introduced them to me. Kai Xing is kinda quiet to me. Maybe she's with a new bunch of people, so she's abit shy I guess. Vian is cool and she really friendly and really funny. CS Tan is Vian's boyfriend. He's kinda quiet at 1st until..... you'll see.

The Girls. Sadly, Connie wasn't there.
She went out because of the RED BOX waiter is having a
"mysterious look" at her and Wei Jiun

That's Xuan. Kinda quiet too. But a total different person when the mic is
in his hands

Me + Keat Meng
Bryan + Me
KM + Vian + Me
CS Tan

About 6pm Vian, CS, Crystal and Xuan had to leave. Cos they are going back to Mellacca. Then later Bryan and KM left too. So left me, Steven and Jess in the huge room singing dully -__-"

Then had our dinner in The Apartment, The Curve. Very nice ambiance with pricy price tags on the menu. Like one of the Hotlink ads, "Small portion, BIG~ Bill"

The menu was simple, but I like the concept. They print it on
graph papers.

That's the bed.
outside. The smoking area.
The bathroom area.
Along Came Connie. HAHA, she joined us later for dinner.

Steven n Jessica.

There's Wei Jiun too. But I dun think he like to be in front of the cam. hmm

Lamb Curry

Roasted Duck

Chicken In the Bag.

Fish fillet with cheese topping. This is the best of all.



lilo said...

seems like so much of fun :)

-waiseng- said...

hehe, yeap. u should come and join sometime. When r u coming back?

lilo said...

next time i balik, i'll call u guys up, most prob bryan cos i only got his num, then we go gai gai ya?

-waiseng- said...

OK, no prob. remember wor.. ^^