Saturday, October 13, 2007

= China Trip 2007 =

Finally I'm back from China. It was tiring but FUN! It was a really nice trip for me and my family. We were in Beijing for the 1st 3nights, then we went to Chengde to stay a night over there, then back to Beijing for another 2nights.


It was a 6 hour flight. The seats were so cramped that I can barely move my legs. In the plane, everybody is like taking their turns to use the toilet for the whole 6 hours. -_-! *what's so nice about it?

Beijing City

They even got their own bicycle lane. How cool is that.

People in China are really healthy. Although Beijing is so big (27x the size of Singapore), you can see a lot of people travel by bicycle. Even in rainy days there are people travel by foot with an umbrella. You cant see that in Malaysia.

I've forgotten what's the name of this place. This place is where they got the
BIG Mou Zhedong's picture

Forgotten what's his name. :P

They have to check your bags for security measure.

Toy Dogs

People in China like to rear dogs. *They don't eat them in the end of the day, they're pets* Keeping a pet dog in China is really really expensive! 5 years ago, a dog license is 5k Yuan a year which is equivalent to RM2.5k. Now it's 2k Yuan per year. -_-. Dog foods are much more expensive compared to Malaysia.

I noticed that they like to rear small terriers. I guess they don't eat much thus save them a few more Yuans.

Back to the hotel, they serve Pepsi water.

One more thing i noticed is that they only drink Coca cola and Sprite only. Everywhere you go, you can only see these 2 brands. There's no 100plus, F&N's , Pepsi etc. But they drink beer a lot. Cos the beers they sell there are really freaking cheap. You can get 2 big bottles of beer with the price of one 1.5l Coca cola. Those are Chinese brands beer. Im not sure about Carlsberg or Heineken though coz they rarely sell in restaurants unless u were in a bar.

This is the jade factory. They got like hundreds of workers which
only sits and chat with their co-workers -_-

This is a white jade that was crafted into a Pak Choi

When i was there, the tour guide said that the Chinese like Pak Choi because of some fungsui thing. She said something about facing the leafs to the door and the roots inward. This would bring luck and prosperity to the family.

This is my tour group. BG is the GREAT WALL!!

Bugger! The steps are super steep.

Pit stop for breath.
I think they call it the Phoenix Tree.

It was named the phoenix tree because the Dragon Lady instructed her men to chopped down all the leafs because it was once called the Dragon Tree. I wonder why after all these years, there's no leafs growing from the tree.

Speaking of the Dragon Lady, the tour guide said that there were once a US female photographer came to China to have the Queen's photograph taken. She was stunt because she was told that the queen was 70 yrs old. But when she saw her, she looks like she is in her 30's. This is because she is particular in her appearance. Every morning she must drink human milk. yes! HUMAN milk. and not any human milk, it has to be the milk from the mother of the second child. She said that the 1st born's milk is too thick and the 3rd one has already loose it's milk property. So, take note girls. ^^

This 1 is hilarious. They even put the cleaners pictures into the toilet-task.
Mayb they should put employee of the month there too. =P

This is outside of the tomb. I've forgotten what's the name of the tomb

This is the place where the Emperor pray for rain.

Pandas are lazy. Dirty and lazy. They're cute somehow, but they are LAZY!

This is the underground city.

It was actually build for war purposes. I heard the tour guide said that the tunnel was longer than the Great Wall of China.

This is where the Emporer comes and pray.

This is an ancient communication device.

When u speak loudly to the wall (Jz like wat the girl in green is doing) u can hear at the other end. I didnt really work when i tried it cos there were alot of ppl and noise.

China's Olympic Stadium, that's the nearest we could get
cos it is still under construction

If u see properly, u can see the mountain has a shape of a thumb sticking out.

To b continued.....



liyiesther.C said...

wtf. 2nd child's milk.

lclun said...

apa ni...forget this forget that. haha, looking forward to your next update =)

thyeoh said...

I went to Beijing last year too. You were lucky to be able to visit the underground city. I heard it is going to be closed.