Tuesday, December 18, 2007

= China Trip 2007 part II=

Finally ~ I got time to update my rusty blog. It's jz sad to do ur FYP all day. It's all work and no play. Sadness man!

So, lets drop it and concentrate on my vacation(which is 2 or 3 mths back -_-)

This huge slab of stone is amazing, they got it scripted on all four phase.
With 4 different languages.

They got the LAMA language, then Mancurian language and 2 other more.

Valentino Rossi in a Chinese-man body

Tho it's not as fancy as the Melacca's trishaw with all the BLING BLINGS, and not as comfortable, but it was really and enjoyable ride.

HIDE! It's the pohlis

The place where we took the trishaw has alot of old people. I think they fought the war long long time ago and the government place them there.

There's a Starbucks-like cafe over there too. But the coffee was so-so. Not as good Starbucks. The nice thing about it was they put small little rose buds in it. So u can drink ur rosed scented coffee.


Honestly, the steamboat sucks. No meat, and the problem was, there's ppl's dipping it into peanut butter before eating

Hweeling, Nensy, Alicia (Tour Leader)

I was so close to bringing this baby back. All White.

The one in pink is the tour guide, the guy with the black jacket was our driver

The tour guide said, we should call the bus driver, shi-fu (master), as a sign of respect. Cos he knows all the short cuts to go from point A to point B in the shortest time.

Over there, their beer is really really cheap. You can get 2 beers (Large) with 1 bottle of Coke(large). But you cant exchange 2 beers for 1 coke. LoL, and here we are drinking overcharged Carlsberg or Heineken.

Great Ice Cream

This is one of the nicest ice cream I've ever tasted. Its texture is something like Funny Icecream man in Mid Valley but nicer.

Gigantic Clock

This massive piece of art is so cool. The timing is used from the red liquids flowing through the pipes.

Beijing 2008 Olympics

This car cleans the streets. Hope that Malaysia will have 1 in future.

The Imperial Palace

These guards are really tough. They can really stand for hours without moving a muscle.

This bronze i-dunno-what is about 600 yrs old.
That's y must touch.

Tour mates

hah! Im tired

Lazy bears

This is where the Emperor of China prays

Kungfu Monks

The shoulin monks are really creative. The show that we went to is no ordinary kungfu show. It has a story line. *Think Disney's Musical on Ice, but in Kungfu style*

My Tour Leader


Coca Cola stand. We only got Ramli burger stands. If u want coke, get it from the ice box

Who wanna have a taste on these silk worms? Dont worry, it's fried

I really ate those, I cannot differentiate if it's oil or scorpion juice when i bit it

These ones are for hardcores


Yucks, centipedes

The night view

That's all for my China trip. Wish to go there again sometimes. Anybody wants to go with me?



lilo said...

i think someone has got a crush on his tour guide, keep mentioning about her, hmmm? haha :)
i tried the worms in korea b4 and they tasted weird, well, they are somehow supposed to right?

-waiseng- said...

hmmm? hmmm? hehe...

The scorpion tasted like oil to me. Cos they deep fried it. Somehow, it's feels weird when ur chewing them, the legs tend to get stuck in between ur teeth. haha....