Saturday, December 29, 2007

= Dining in Johnny's =

We tried Johnny's Steamboat in Alamanda. I thought that we were eating steamboat in Johnny's, after reaching, everyone was ordering 'nasi goreng'. LOL. Their ala carte was kinda nice too. Spinach noodle was what I ate. Kinda nice.


I sat at the boss' position.

Kai Lan Vege

kns Steven offered Dayze the Kailan because Dayze's Nasi Goreng doesn't have vege, but never offer me cos my noodles already has a few 'timuns' (cucumber). -_-" .That's ok, I jz take his dish anyway. :D

Steven's Nasi Goreng

I think Dayze ordered the same fried rice too. Also got vege wat. See the chopped spring onions. LOL

They asked the sales man if they were allowed to drive in the mall. :P


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