Friday, December 21, 2007

= Photography: Cyberpark =

Me, wooikhang and damien went to Cyberpark early in the morning to take pictures. Here's a few shots that I think is nice. Please gimme some comments about it.

Photograph 1

Photograph 2

Photograph 3

Photograph 4

Photograph 5

Photograph 6

Photograph 7

Photograph 8

Photograph 9
Photograph 10

Photograph 11

Photograph 12

Photograph 13
Photograph 14

Now for the portraits and the main main shots. :P

Hugo Lim giving a lecture

The attentive student learning with enthusiasm, meanwhile Damien is still himself.


very ka ka chau chau

Playtime for wooikhang

Playtime for damien

Playtime for me.

Like this shot.
The 400D

Going home

All credits to the D40x. Thank you with love. :D



heidi said...

hey hey!

love ur photos! :)

lilo said...

really really beautiful pics! damien looked like some korean drama character with the phone. hugo lost weight? one pic his face looks thin.

-waiseng- said...

[heidi & lilo] thanks alot. there will be more. Damien's pic look abit like a poster. I like that shot most. haha. Erm...about Hugo, i dunno la. Cos I see him almost everyday. haha.

abukaka said...

i'm really talking on the phone, not posting~

-waiseng- said...

[abukaka] nt saying u posting la. I said the pic like poster. HAHA

Hugo Lim said...

hugo reporting in.. im as thin as always lah lilo... nice photo shooting with you.. didnt expect we took almost 4 hours...we should do this more.. :p