Monday, December 24, 2007

= Photography: Putrajaya =

This time we went for the night sessions. I must say night shots are really difficult to handle cos of the lighting problems. Thanks to wooikhang for providing transport and his canggih GPS for directions. Anywayzz....

Light trails

Thats the best I can get cos there were only few cars passing thru and the street lamps were too bright. Aiks....

The bridge

The mosque


When I was taking this shot, the guard asked us u "belah" cos that area was closing. WTF? I tot it was a public area. Dayze said they dun wan ppl to "pak toh"@"maksiat" there lo, that's why asked every to leave that area.

The government center


I like this shot

Too bad the satria neo was there. Spoiled the scene abit. Dayze is good at posing anyway. I can only have this photograph taken with her ability to freeze for a long time. Thanks ya. Emo-sial this photograph.


He also emo when he saw Dayze sitting there emo-ing. HAHA.Good job.

A long way home

This shot is underexposed, but lazy to fix it in Photoshop. HAHA.

Here comes the "main-main" part again. HAHA....

Presenting: Model Dayze and Model Belle

owh!? Where's Photographer -waiseng-? :P


Everybody wants Kung-Fu fighting!

Belle is floating!

It looks like the mosque stole the lime light.

Hands up! You're under arrest

I asked for Air Jordan, they gave me Superman -_-" hahaha

wooikhang the lecturer

"I wanna go to slp. BB!" whined Dayze.

Yep, that's the end for today. Wanna wish u guys who is reading a very Merry Christmas.



Hugo Lim said...

you dont need sleep one ar? so fast post up... =.=||

-waiseng- said...

^^ I the pro ma. HAHAHA...

lilo said...

haha, really really nice pics!

-waiseng- said...

[lilo] really? thanks. I wish I could travel and also take photographs all around the world. :D haha..

Hedayat said...

waiseng .. wat cemera u use? very nice shot !!

-waiseng- said...

im using D40x :)