Friday, January 18, 2008

= Eye of Malaysia & Look Out Point=

After having our delicious cakes form Delicious, we headed to the Eye of Malaysia from some shoot-shoot sessions :D As we were going there, Damien and Belle joined us as well.

The front

At the lake

I really like this picture with the branches at the top and the reflections on the lake.

Many colors of the Wheel


I love this shot too. The picture looks surreal. It was as if Vian was projected there as seen in Star Wars when Obi Wan was talking to some holographic people. :D

Then after Lake Titiwangsa, we headed to Look Out Point which is in Hulu Langat. Vian and Xuexi headed home as Vian has to go back to Melacca and Xuexi has work tomorrow.

Beautiful scenery

You can the whole KL skyline from the top of the hill.

The smoke was an eye soar

There's no factories nearby, why is it smokes coming out from the building?

After that we headed to Gasoline Restaurant which is further up the hill to have our supper. Wanted to take pictures from the restaurant after our meal, unfortunately the Twin Tower offs its lights at 12+ am. -_-!

That spot has a few restaurants, I think it's about 3 or 4. There's even a karaoke lounge there. A lot of uncles and aunties were singing their lungs out. HAHA..

P.S. oh ya, I stepped on Dog SHITPoo when I was taking a picture at Look out point. I consider it as good luck? hahaha...



热诺鸽 said...

i like your shooting!

-waiseng- said...

thanks :)

Mei Wah said...

wow... beautiful shots!
what camera u used? SLR?
mind telling me what brand of camera u r using?

-waiseng- said...

Thanks, I'm using a Nikon D40x. It's a dSLR. A very good camera. :D