Friday, January 11, 2008

= Happy Birthday Vian =

After the zoo event, changed at home and went out to Saisaki. Before that me and Steven went to Secret Recipe for the Marble Cheese. It was going to be a surprise birthday party for Ms *Vn

Saisaki, is where we are heading to....


Saisaki is under the same management as Shogun(also a Japanese buffet restaurant)

The Girls

From left: Siaw Ying, Crystal, Justine, Connie, Pink, Jessica and Vian

top from left: Bryan and wooikhang(Hugo)
bottom from left: Justine and Siaw Ying

upgraded with flash + battery grip

wooikhang was the guru of photography that time. Teaching Siaw Ying and Justine about the basics of photography.

Jessica & Crystal

Pink & Bryan

Crystal and Connie

Taken with Vian

Wooikhang & Bryan

Potrait Shot of Jessica using the 400D

Siaw Ying was having a great time. Yum~

After a heavy meal from Saisaki, we headed to 7atenine. It's a very nice place to hang out with friends for a drink. We waited the clock to strike 12 and IT'S BIRTHDAY TIME! Happy Birthday Vian.

22 years old lo.

Steven is drunk. Now I know someone who is worst then me. ^^

Bryan, Vian & Pink

Vian & Pink

Vian & Wooikhang

Vian & me

Vian & Justine

Vian & Crystal

Jean, Vian & Siaw Ying

*Jean joined us later in 7atenine.

Vian & Connie

Jessica & Connie

Portrait of Connie
Vian & Micheal (I think)

This gentleman here was sitting at the table behind us, who is also the birthday boy during that time, buys a drink for Vian. Sporting!

Me and the Girls

Actually Bryan was posing 1st. After that I copied him. With more girls. ^^

It was a really fun night with everybody. When's the next one?? waiting..................



Hugo Lim said...

oooooooiii.. give credit to the powerful 400d photographer.. :P

ViaN said...

once again.. thanks :D
now only know is u guys go to buy cake.. haha:))

-waiseng- said...

hugo; ok ok. credit to u mr photog. hahaha

-waiseng- said...

vian; of cos la we bought it. dun tell me u though we got it at 7atenine. =))