Thursday, February 28, 2008

= Birthday Celebration Part2 =

While I was doing my Final Year Project with my groupmate, keatmeng, then Jessica called asking me for dinner. OK. But then she said "OK, but wait me for another 15mins". So later, me and keatmeng went downstairs, then suddenly keatmeng said, "eh, I saw some lenglui in the swimming pool. Let's go see" Erm...okay :D *something's fishy* Then I saw a group of friends waiting for me to celebrate my birthday with me. *so sweet ^_^*

The guys that were preparing for the attack.

L-R BryaN, ZeN, Jillian, Voonfei, Dayze, Damien, Belle, Kenny

Chocolate Indulgence

This is the best*at least to me*, non-cheese cake from Secret Recipe. And, yea, I'm 24 now. In the year of the rat. And now my name is Mickey Phoon. I even got a Malay name, Chomel Binti Phoon. HAHAHA

Last shot before going DOWN!

That's keatmeng, 2nd from right. "eh, I saw some lenglui in the swimming pool. Let's go see" Remember? LOL


See, I'm about to cry out "happienesss
See Kenny so hengtai, first to come take picture with the wet person.

This have to hug only can.

Too bad Bryan went away early. Else I'm giving him a bear hug. WAKAKAKA

Be drunk!

Honestly, I cant drink beer at all. 1 sip and Im Mr. TOMATO MAN. 1 can, I'm already in bed. :|

with keatmeng

with Steven

I think that time he was in the "busy-wiping-my-pipe-bocor-nose" period. He came anyway, :D tqtq. Hengtai ma.

the girls.

All taken, so don't ask me for their numbers. :P

me with Jessica.

All pictures here are taken from her. Pro shots. Can see the porcupine hair style? :D

say cheese!

The shades is from one of the swimmers. But it there on the table screaming to be picture shot. So I was the kind hearted person and fulfill its wish. HAHA

Thanks everyone especially the one's who were there celebrating with me *appreciate it*, the one's who called, sms-ed, who left me a birthday wish in Little Dirty Secrets, Friendster, Facebook and etc. Thank you. Come! Gimme a BIG HUG!



lclun said...

Why Heneiken? Should get Carlsberg instead =D

Akira Wah said...

Happ Birthday to u ya. belated!!! hehe... support heneiken....

-waiseng- said...

[lclun] HAHAHA, Carlsberg is Liverpool's beer. I don't support Liverpool la

[akira wah]
hie akira. thanks :D, yeap...Heineken FTW!

Mei Wah said...

happy birthday!

"omedeto tanjobi!"

-waiseng- said...

hie mei wah :) thanks! is omedeto tanjobi happy birthday?

dayat said...

OMG besarnye kek