Wednesday, February 13, 2008

= Chinese New Year 2008 =

Well, it turns out that this year's Chinese New Year wasn't that happy for me. The only happy moments are:

  1. The journey to Penang.
  2. The journey back from Penang.
Why? It's because there's not traffic jam XD. I went back on last Wednesday(Feb 6th) and came back on Friday(Feb 8th).

I'm kinda glad that we came back early, cos when I was in Penang, it was so bored for me. I don't have any friends over there, there's no internet connection and frankly, I don't have the Chinese New Year 'feel' I used to have last time.
Oh! I got to lit the gigantic log with a dragon on it(I dunno what's it called). It looks like a incense stick the size of a 12 year old boy. So, yea! I got to lit something other than firecrackers. Cos Malaysian government will give special holiday to whoever that plays firecrackers.

The only fun thing I did was watching CJ7 and also Kung Fu Dunk. Cj7 was nice and Kung Fu Dunk was a bit off. Both were funny but Cj7 is better. I wish I could write about it, but it would be spoilers to the readers who have not watched it yet. When I was back to Cyberjaya, I wanted to talk about the movies but people keep shutting me off! -_-! The only thing that I wanna talk about and nobody wants to listen. That's because I don't have any CNY things to talk about and everybody wants to talk about their CNY stuffs.



angelinemiss said...

awww.. y say CNY in Penang is boring.. it's fun okay, if you managed to do exploration. Next time if u're in Penang, call me. I bring you go LONG! Muahaha! {but dont tell me go long BM part. I dontknow BM road. later v sesat plak. Hoho}

-waiseng- said...

go LONG summore ah? good good. Bring me makan! ahaa