Wednesday, March 12, 2008

= We All Felt Like Singing =

This was actually my post birthday celebration, so all the SA's and 1 FOM were free. The SA's was legally free but the FOM was AWOL. Should have reported him. Anyways,Im really glad to those who made it.

me, Steven, Jessica, Keat Meng and Bryan

While waiting for Mr Brainies and Ms Expert-Knitter, we have to take pictures. The man behind the camera was Mr WooiKhang. BTW, the person standing beside me is the one who was AWOL.

After we got our finger-licking-good lunch, we went straight up to Greenbox to be the next Malaysian Idol. Ehm, *cough* I'm World *cough* Idol. This outlet is in Jusco Cheras Selatan. I wonder why it's called Cheras Selatan when it's build on Belakong soil. I reckon because Balakong sounds kind of ulu. I guess Cheras has all the hype in the town then. LOL

we L.O.V.E. you's, dear readers

Yes! I love my readers.

oooh, oooh, oooh, where's my BABANA?

I was singing George of The Jungle and Steven was singing Lilo and Stitch at the same time.

Personally, I think that Greenbox is better because the song selections there are more updated. *I think* and drinks and tit bits are all included in the cover charge. Unlike redbox, at the surface they charge slightly cheaper, but drinks and tit bits are not included.

Belle, Damien, me and Steven

On an unrelated case, Belle makes super cool PSP covers. And if u want one, ask me for pricing. :D Belle, I'm your agen now ok? LOL.

Nah......I'm jz joking, she doesn't have time to do super cool PSP covers now. We're all busy with our FYPs and assignments. *cough*Except the one always *cough* complaining how bored was he at home.

me and Hugo@wooikhang

He "doesn't" look Hugo Lim when his 400D on steroids is not in his hands. LOL

On the other hand, this is so Hugo Lim *the pure one* with his cute little fairy.

There're a few video's here. It's about how we were so high without booze. If you don't want to spoil your ears, please refrain from clicking it.


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Akira Wah said...

Greenbox? first time heard bout it... so how is the facility inside?