Tuesday, April 22, 2008

= Enchanted Night 2 =

*Lotsa Pic Will Be Coming!*

Enchanted Night is a prom night organized by the Engineering Society and Swin CLub from MMU Cyberjaya. It was held in Marriott Hotel in Putrajaya.

damien + chunnam + william + voonfei + me + ling + shinkeat + lai

These are the early birds, and those who arrived early get CDs of long songs. Most of the songs I got it in mp3 but who cares, I want more CDs.

belle + jillian

All the girls were well dressed and they look absolutely stunning on that night. Kudos


Almost all the guys I know are wearing a coat. So I'll won't go with the crowd and wants to me unique.

yitmeng + theresa

voonfei + keatmeng

pink + bryan

He's one of the PROM KING nominee too.

The Menu

I think the dishes served is nice except the fish. I didn't try eating it as I was on stage at that time.

jessica + connie

Alright guys, let's keep on going. Don't stop here so long.

wendy + wooikhang

Wendy is very friendly. Nice meeting you. This is the second time meeting her. I met her the first time when Wooikhang + Wendy + Vian + Aaron + me went down on a Melacca Trip. I'll post about that trip later. :D

kester + dayze

Dayze is so miang ^^

me + wooikhang@Hugo
dayze + me

jess + bryan + connie

Bryan!! Y r u in my place!? I wanna be in there too!

Then Connie and I were called up to stage by the emcee as prom king and queen nominees with 3 other couples, one of them was Bryan. When my name was called, I just went upstage without bringing Connie with me as I was paired with her in the nomination. When I was upstage, the emcee said "There's the lonely King!" Owh! SH!T, and with all embarrassments, I went to get Connie. Sorry yea Connie? I was really nervous and I wasn't thinking. I'll treat u makan next time. :)
Emcee "Could you introduced yourself?"

"See, both of us are so embarrassed"

Everyone was very nervous

"what? Chicken dance?"

I was really shocked that the QA Session was asking the Nominees to do Chicken Dances? What!?? OHKAY, give the title to the one who danced like a Chicken. I don't want it anymore.

Before that the emcee asked about the most significant time when you are in MMU. That question is acceptable, but Chicken Dance?! C'mon!

Anyways, Bryan and I didn't win. 25 - 25 - 50. That's the score. And Connie won PROM QUEEN. YEY!

me dancing with 2 girls.

damien + belle

me + damien

me + jillian

me + daniel

wendy + wooikhang

kester + me

me + steven

daniel + steven

xinwei + me

That's not my hands nor xinwei's. I'm going to find out who's hands were those.

steven + xinwei

xinwei + voonfei

xinwei + keatmeng

steven + damien

ling + me

YOH! YOH! Liverpool and Manchester United. Torres and Ronaldo. HAHAHAH

bryan + connie + me

me + connie

theresa + me

me + xingching

Knew her in Tzuching.

pok + lijiun + jessica + connie

me + lijiun

pok + me

me + aaron

me + wendy

The FITs

FIT is the Faculty of IT and the one standing top right is not. Pendatang Asing and in year 2010, cars are can fly. HAHAHAHAHA

jillian + theresa + jessica + dayze + belle + denise

denise + me

me + william

me + jessica

belle + me

bryan + me

Bryan, you have to kiss the gun like me. Then only YENG ma. LOL

wooikhang + me

See wooikhang know's how to pose the Stephen Chow pose, like me. ^^

damien + belle + jillian + ling + bryan

The evil king and queen?

Oh, me not king.

dayze + me

me mingkeat

bryan + kester

The Leng Lengs

The Leng Shoes

damien + belle

me + damien



So that's about it. The pics from my camera. Still waiting for some from the others.

And before that...

Our MMU model posing for Liverpool's Summer Collection

To see more of his swimsuits for the summer, check it here.

So, that my first prom and hopefully it'll not be the last :) I really enjoyed and had loads of fun going and will still be going when I'm already working. Those who is still in MMU, please let me know if there's still prom. I'm definitely going again.



Jessica said...

alah..u should make ur comment as pop-up window ma..then it's more user-friendly to put in comment here. ^^ lolz..
blur blur waiseng, forgot the prom queen. if i didn't wave my hand to u, i think u still stand there blur @_@ LOL. *still think u shud win* =)
see thru ur pics, i just figure out my head looks like a frowning-lion. haha, perfectly for a Leo. ^^

Billy said...

Haha.. I know whose hands were those behind you and xinwei.. =P

lclun said...

Nice shots especially the "yeah yeah" pose, Nikon is in my list again >:)

1 cool lass said...

maybe u can take away the word verification thingy ...

haha u forgot abt ur partner..funny lah u ..

anyway,u look good in those pics ^_^

skycs said...

haha, waiseng your blog is the most funny prom i saw so far. especially the ah lun pose at the very last part. I din expect that you will put that.lolzzz

btw, all the ppl at tat nite reali looks pro especially those who go set their hair and make up one.hehe...

waiseng, anyway, u lose to be the king.aiks =_+...I expect some LATIN dance from you when u be the queen...haha!

-waiseng- said...

LOL, now it's in POP UP mode dy.

Luckily you waved at me, really thank you. That time was really blur~ If me and bryan do Chicken dance mayb chances are higher. LOL.

Frowning lion? hahaha. Nice la. I like the karipap. :D

YO! y is the name billy? whos hands? wooikhang? hmmmm....

YEY! Liverpool geng! Nikon geng! MU most geng okie?

I'm surprised u didnt comment about the summer collection pose. LOL Didnt see is it?

[1 cool lass]
Sia sui should b the correct word. Forgot my partner pulak. How embarrassing is that. I think connie also paiseh maximum cos got such a forgetful/blur/un-gentlemen partner -_-

HAHAHA, tqtq. I hope it entertains you. That's what a knightrazor's blog should do. HAHAHA

YEP every1 was very nice with makeups and hairdos. I think they put alot of effort in it.

you wan see latin dance is it? Next time I show you Lantin, tango, waltz, and you name it. HAHAHAH

Akira 思胜 said...

wow, tons of photos here!!! so many leng zai and leng lui....

haha, u are ronaldo from MU?

Jessica said...

sky, he oni noe mickey-mouse dance saja.. =p

Jessica said...

skycs, he oni noe how to do mickey-mouse dance saja la... =p

1 cool lass said...

*claps* for being one of the finalists for prom king ^_^

Satkuru said...

soooooo many pics :P i didn't know you knew adrian, lol. even i wasn't sure if he was coming or not :P

Billy said...

Nah, it's not Hugo. There're 2 ppl at the back actually. You man man guess lah. Hehehe... Anyway, Billy is a common nickname for William. =P

Billy said...

Nah, it's not Hugo. There're 2 ppl at the back actually. You man man guess lah. Hehehe.. Anyway, Billy is a common nickname for William. =P

Jessica said...

i oso got problem with posting comment here.
a few attempt to post this: "skycs, waiseng oni noe mickey-mouse dance saja la... =p "
u block my comment izzit? LOL!

BeverLy's Secret said...

Yeah~~ I guess it right while reading your blog!!

Connie is the Prom Queen..
she is utterly gorgeous and pretty!!

p/s: Regarding the pizza size. It's US here, buddy. Everything in US looks huge, including Americans. wakaka

Akira 思胜 said...

wow, tons of pics here....

So u are Ronaldo from MU??? hehe...

-waiseng- said...

HAHAHA, YEA!!! Ronaldo the best!

HAHAHA I also know minnie mouse dance also :D

[1 cool lass]
thanks :) But sadly did not win. LOL

Yeap, I know him through a friend of mine. Went to the movies before.

Then who was it? :D

I accidentally click on the comment moderation feature. -_-

[Beverly's Secret]
Yes she is. :)

haha, i admire ronaldo only. But not ronaldo. :D who's ur favorite player?

skycs said...

lol...the comment increase till 17 dy ah...Jess, I think waiseng really only know mickey mouse dance...maybe chicken dance he need to go find little chicken to teach...haha...

Really a memorable night although the food not so nice, the event not so nice, the KING lagi not nice. But it is unforgettable we can gather and have a nice night like that...

p/s: luckily the QUEEN is nice..haha!

-waiseng- said...

Yeap, very memorable night indeed. Let's go next year's prom too. HAHA

Jessica said...

i rather we organize our own annual-year-gathering at some grand place and dress-up nicely. ^_^
delicious food will be a plus then.

skycs said...

Jessica, I have ur word...ok we held a annual gathering since this year..HOW? who with us?

skycs said...

waiseng, I don wan go to nx year one later got one Malay be the PROM king then i lagi boh syok dy...haha

-waiseng- said...

OK~ Sure. Next year! But must do karipap again wor. very nice. :D

sky u so syok ald ke? hahaha

Jessica said...

alah...see karipap still in the trend next year anot first la...
hahaha, maybe i'll come out with an AFRON!!! =))

Jessica said...

waiseng, sky hinting us to nominate him as our very own prom-king in our next gathering la...aboh,he dun wan join us dy..boh song~LOL!

-waiseng- said...

LOL, dun wan afro la. Either "karipap" or "abalone" HAHAHA

Ya, sky wan be KING next year. :D summore next year put a bigger BLING! :D

skycs said...

swt...u 2 don syok syok there. I not means that...=.= btw to have a annual gathering is a nice thing...:)

Jessica said...

waiseng, then we must prepare shades dy...cz sky might dress like disco light...very SIM a! =))
sky, u dun syok syok there. next year u tak tau go where dy..s'pore or mmu tutor. =p

-waiseng- said...

[skycs & Jessica]
tutor? LOL. I want to register mmu again for skycs to teach. HAHAHA

skycs said...

wth? you 2 really syok syok here...I busy these few days then keep talking sth bad of me...wat tutor la but got this possibility. Waiseng you come I sure teach you one and give you assessment 100% even though u din do your work:-p....If got annual gathering sure will come bek one no matter where am i...