Wednesday, April 2, 2008

= HK: Airport to Hotel =

Hong Kong airport provides shuttle services rides to your hotel. There're a lot of hotel booths in the airport, and once you registered to the hotel you can wait at the waiting lobby to get your bus ride. The shuttle service is free. Well I guess it's already included in your lodging fee.

Can you see the bottom sign that says "Beware of your hands"?

I wonder what people is going to do to him using their hands. Molest? Rob? I mean c'mon, how much does a bus driver carry when he's working.

Cant talk to them as well?

LOL, this is funny. I guess you can only talk to taxi drivers since you are paying them more and they will give better hospitality by talking to their customers.

Since I'm not going to Disneyland, this is the closest I can get to Disneyland. FYI, Disneyland and the airport is in Lantau Island. Oh, and also the big Buddha statue is also there.

The concrete jungle of Hong Kong

Their Network


Jam again


Almost all their signboards are sticking out like that grabbing attention from people.

This is near Kimberly Road. It has this western kindda settings where all the bars, cafes, and western cuisine are located there.

When you enter the hallway, it's actually a shopping complex down the basement.

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