Friday, April 18, 2008

= HK: McCafe =

Let's go McDonald's

Pa-ra-pap-pap-pah, I'm Lovin' It

This McD is actually located underground. You can see a small passageway going downstairs. Cool huh, I think almost all fast food are located underground or at the 2nd floor. Never I'd seen one located on the ground in HK. But for Malaysia, u can see them in shopping malls, stand alones for drive-throughs, petrol stations, sini-sana etc. LOL

Their McCafe is so nice.

Their setting is so nice as it was almost on par with Starbucks. If you see closely at their prices, it's actually cheaper that normal coffeeshops. Maybe they sell cheaper because it's underground? LOL.


Err, I got a confession. We came here for a toilet break only. So no pictures of burgers and fries here. :)



Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, cool, at underground? Never try before... hahaha... The McCafe looked very special, hmm, Malaysia McDonald, please learn from them lar...

-waiseng- said...