Saturday, April 26, 2008

= HK: Tong Sui (Desserts) =

In HK, I tried a dessert which was sooooooo nice that makes me wanna go HK again.

The Shop

It's so cramp! And when we reached there, we have to share tables with the rest of the people. One thing that I'd notice is that people of Hong Kong doesn't stay and chat after they finish their desserts. When they finished eating, gets up, pay then leave.

The way to enjoy a good dessert is to eat slowly so that you can enjoy maximum taste at the longest time, and also chat with the people around you to increase maximum relationship between one another. HAHAHA, this is getting weird.


They put cut manggos and pears in with abit of coconut milk. Satisfaction guaranteed! I'm missing it now.


This red bean, manggo, mango syrup, coconut milk. Both are nice equally!


This is nice too, but I can get this in Malaysia too. Nothing special.


I like their lights. Simple but nice.



lclun said...

It's my favorite mango!!! By the way, what is the name of the shop so that I can jot it down =)

Akira 思胜 said...

Nice desserts here!!! I want to try the mochi, hehe... although is same with here lar...

1 cool lass said...


-waiseng- said...

I've forgotten the name of the shop. LOL, but it doesn't have alot of branches like some of the tong sui shops

their mochi so-so only la. There desert is the killer! hahaha

[1 cool lass]
I'm drooling too everytime i see the pics. ahahah

connie said...

did u try their steamed custard egg? :p I am so craving for HK desserts now.

How come Msia got no nice desserts??!!!

-waiseng- said...

yeap, it was nice. and also their lou poh peng. that 1 is also a reason to go there again. super duper nice.

the ss2 tong sui i think cannot fight also. HAHAHA