Wednesday, April 30, 2008

= Photography: Wallflower =

My desktop has been emo-ing me since I got back from Subang. Since all my photos are in that hard drive, so I guess I'll not be updating as frequent as usual. :( I still have alot of pictures to be posted here and owh! I still got loads of HK pics.

Nevertheless, I took a few pictures at my house porch and please give me some feedback on how it is ok? :)



Akira 思胜 said...

You took that photo?

Wow, it is a masterpiece!!! You edited before rite?

Jeffery said...

walao. ur house porch so nice... between, u produced a great photo! =)

-waiseng- said...

Thanks. I jz edit the color tone and the frame only. :)

Thanks yea, that's actually an ornament that is hung on the wall at my porch.

Anonymous said...

nice shot, but lack of focus, and will look nicer with more contrast and DOF. =)


-waiseng- said...

thanks for the tip. I'll shoot it at higher F next time. I think this was at f5 or f6.


Jessica said...

nice...ur skills gone really better day-by-day. ^_^ gambatte!

-waiseng- said...

:D :D :D
thankyu thankyu thankyu
But still got alot to learn. ahaha ^^

° Meì Sìm ° said...

nice shot =D

-waiseng- said...

thanks meisim :D there will b more :P