Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fishing My Way To Made Of Honor

When I woke up from my afternoon nap and sat in front of my laptop, I got an email from Nuffnang and the message was,

Dear Nuffnangers,

Nuffnang is always looking for fun events for our members to attend. In conjunction with the release of the movie Made of Honor and courtesy of one of our long esteemed clients Hong Leong Bank, we have managed to get a hold of 40 invitations to a grand dinner at JW Marriott KL and the Premiere of the movie Made of Honor. The dinner will consist of an 8 course meal where the ladies and gentlemen are expected to appear in their best suits and evening gown and be entertained by various performances. The grand finale of the evening would be the screening of the movie Made of Honor at GSC Pavilion a week before its release date in Malaysia. Note that the dress code is formal, don't worry you don't have to bring your tuxedo out of the closet, just a suit will do. Experience the warm and sweet atmosphere at JW Marriott as the dinner (like the movie) is going to be wedding themed with fashion shows, Scottish bagpipes performance and many more. Don't miss this opportunity to experience an evening of romance with your loved ones. Yes... each invited blogger gets to bring a guest :P For more information regarding the contest, check out our blog at

WOW! 40 Nuffnang Bloggers are invited to JW Marriott KL Ballroom on the 12th June 2008 which is on a Thursday which is organized by our Friendly Superbank, Hong Leong Bank (hey! If you pay your bills online, you can even win a PSP. Other banks don't even give offers like this, tsk tsk tsk!). Those who are entitled to the dinner will get to bring a partner as well. So there will be at least 80 person who are going to turn up*It's gonna be HUGE!*. After dinner everyone will be going to The Pavilion to watch Made of Honour. I've made up my mind to watch this show when I saw the trailer in GSC. Romantic Comedies have always been my favorite. Oh! Explosions and people shooting at each other too ^_^.

Made of Honour

The dress code will be formal, suit, or an evening gown for the chikas. So don't come with your Quiksilver Board Shorts, your FCUK T-shirts and also your Billabong Selipar Jepun k?

So I played the game and....waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah~.... I played for like 20 times and this was the highest I got.


And from their website,


12150g is their benchmark!?!?!?!'s almost double my high score, how many times you all have been playing lar? Waraoeh...

Anyways, I've tried and I've served so it's up to you guys to fish and you guys from Nuffnang and Hong Leong to judge. Please please please lemme win *Fingers crossed*

P.S. the deadline for request of invitations is on the 4th of June 2008. So you guys can slowly slowly fish, I'm just a bit of "kan chiong" wanna post this and then straight to my studies. Tomorrow there's another paper. Media Law T^T. They'll post the results in Nuffnang’s blog by the 11th of June 2008.



SteveZeN said...

no need bill payment first meh?.. read the terms and condition

-waiseng- said...

nope, those are not for the dinner in JW Mariotte. This is from Hong Leong to Nuffnang :D

° Meì Sìm ° said...

hey it muz b fun, enjoy urself :)
~ gd luck in ur finals ~

-waiseng- said...

[Mei Sim]
It's gonna be really fun. But dunno can get o not. All the high scores are like 8k 9k and all I got was 6k+ Maybe I'll retry again with a higher score and post it up again :D

I'm putting hard work on reading my notes now. I'm blury~ @.@

Billy said...

Yer.. everyone got the email but me.. I got 9.7k in my second attempt! Haha... Too bad I won't be in Malaysia at that time, if not I'll also fish my way to the dinner+move!! *sobz* Good luck to you. =P

Jessica said...

wah..billy kinda a good fisher woh. ^_^
waiseng, i tot u don't like shooting and killing...too ganas for u dy. remember rambo? :p blehhhh~~~
after test i'll try to fish better pun. then we can go together-gather. *wink*

-waiseng- said...

haha, take lotsa lotsa photos man. Update in blog

haha, billy very good man. LOL

apa dun like shooting n killing? I like lah...In the movies ofcos.

Good good, if u kena, then bring me go ok? HAHAHA. Ask steven go back Kelantan.

danielctw said...

All d best man... get high scores!!!

-waiseng- said...

Thanks man, will try a lot harder :D

what's your score now?

amei79 said...

sound interesting, but in KL...wanna me fly there with "everday low fare" or "everyone can fly" meh.

somemore in JW marriot? should be 5 stars or above...been there one last year to attent comp's meeting.

Ping Ping said...

hey..i played for like 50 times ni can get 10k..and that's the only time.. T.T

-waiseng- said...

yes it's gonna be! and I wish that I get to enter. Come la, air asia is cheap now. Every can fly~ HAHA

[ping ping]
HAHA, everytime I play it gets worst. It's annoying me. :(

Wow, you got a very high score. Congratz :)