Monday, May 5, 2008

= Melaka Trip 2 =

Continuing from my previous post, after the nice Cendol and Nyonya Laksa, we took a long walk in Jonker Street.

Main Entrance of the Nyonya Laksa Shop

Geographer Cafe

I have yet to try this. Sammi came here before :) This was a scene taken in her Summer Holidays movie.

Let's parthey!

Everyone was dancing in there from cha cha to modern RnB. Cool.

Melaccan Idol

Everyone ca sing up at this stage. Just submit what song that you want to sing to the karaoke operator (Bottom right) and wait for your turn.

The audiences :D

aaron + wooikhang + vian + wendy

Ghost Rider

*Please let me be rich* AMEN

This is the temple at Jonker Walk

I saw alot of this Jonker Gallery shops at the streets. Why are there so many?

This looks nice. I wanna go there on my next visit. :)

You RIDE just got PIMPed

Trust me, the trishaws are really decorated with lights, boom box, fancy horns and lots more. Cool!



Akira 思胜 said...

The place is a nice destination to go!!! So artistic and traditional feeling...

Wah, everyone also can sing up there ah? hahaha...

° Meì Sìm ° said...

y no pics of urself 1 ?

-waiseng- said...

ya man! Wish to go take pic with a sunny day someday. :) Yeap, every1 can sing up there. but have to wait for ur turn la. u wanna go sing? :D

[mei sim]
the photographers dun wanna take for me :( and I'm not good at SS with a dSLR LOL

u take for me lo. LOL

Nikkiko said...


hum! yea, and the sad thing about photographers not getting their own photos taken =/

i went to the zoo once, i had 6 pics out of 100+ with me in it of which 1 was blur. already quite happy though, rofl.

colourful colourful pics ^_^

° Meì Sìm ° said...

wuts SS ar?
k la i take 4u nxt time, u teach me how to take from different angle... haha

-waiseng- said...

Yeap, the heads of the figurines can actually move up and down. :D

Yea, I dont get much photos of myself with my camera :( that's sad. I should ask people to take for me more in future LOL

[mei sim]
LOL SS = self shot or i personally like to say Shiok Sendiri. hahaha

No problem, ill teach u what i know. hehehe

Akira 思胜 said...

me ah, don wan lar... hahaha... paiseh lar...

Veronica 044 said...

U r doing a good job of taking nice pic..
That's nice u know...n i cant do that always..
Anyway..this is the 1st time i view ur blog..n i sound nice..a lot of nice pic that i can see..
KAmpateh for ur exam too..^^

-waiseng- said...

hi veronica, thanks for the compliments. you can go take pics as u like to actually, find something nice around u and start snapping :D haha