Monday, May 12, 2008

= Melaka Trip 3 =

As soon I got up from my slumber, I went to my chair and sat, and update this blog straight away. *nods* "Yes I know. I'm a good blogger :D" As you guys know that I got an exam today and the next one is on Thursday. So I got a bit of spare time to update. So let's cut to the chase, Melaka Trip 3.

Sungai Bersih Hidup Ceria

Keep your river clean ok?

Suddenly I feel like I'm in Holland

Mr Aaron with his cool pose

Quick moves to change lens

Ms. Vian

I got another pic on Wendy, but it turns out blurry @.@"

Scary scene

This look like one of a scene in a ghost/monster movie yea? LOL

Then Ms Vian brought us to The Jetty. I like the concept that the boutiques, cafe and KARAOKE is on a jetty. Yes! Karaoke I repeat.

Go-Go Power Rangers. Ooops I mean GO Go KTV Box

Their logo looks like a guitar pick

Nice atmosphere

The service here is not good. We were sitting there for about 10minutes and there's no waiter serving us -_-"

There's transport provided too ^.^

The jetty was kinda long and thanks to The Jetty's Management on providing transport. It looks like those long cabby you see in Sunway Lagoon.

Wan Tan Mee

Since no service provided, we headed to Satay Celup Capitol and there was a long queue. So we left after waiting for about 15-20 minutes and headed to some famous wantan mee stall. I dunno what's the name of the place. LOL

Curry Mee

They serve curry mee too. With complimentary soup :D

Yes I know! Geng rite? HAHAHAHA LOL



*~*bebe*~* said...

geng as in what geng?? hahah...i don'tttttt reallllyyy gettttt youuuuu....hahhaa..*act dumb*

° Meì Sìm ° said...

the 8th pic looks like someone is on fire ...

-waiseng- said...

Geng hor :D

The cannon very geng la. HAHAHA

[mei sim]
LOL. yea. When i look back at it. It has an eerie feel LOL

Akira 思胜 said...

Wah, the photo looks scary lar... hahahaha... the last photo hor, u are really really "geng" and "gun ho" hahaha...

lclun said...

The way you sit in the last picture, like one sitting on a seesaw..hahaa

Genova said...

nice canon. lol

-waiseng- said...

haha, yesh! very geng LOL

ooo, then is the seesaw geng? =)

Thanks :D Dont think it's a real 1. A replica

BeverLy's Secret said...

hahaha~~ the last picture, super GENG! How's your exam?

-waiseng- said...

[beverly's sceret]
Monday's exam was ok and I got another 1 coming tomorrow T^T