Sunday, June 8, 2008

= Bagan Lalang Part 3 =

After the horrifying meal, and we headed to the Dragon Fruit farm nearby.

The owner of the farm was really friendly and offered to be our "tour guide" explaining how dragon fruits are planted, process and etc. They got other different kinds of fruit too.

I dunno what fruit is this :D

But it looks kinda nice.

The farm

So nice

nath + jessica






Dragon fruit tree

Somehow I feel like it's like the hair of Medusa. LOL

Oh, the owner of the farm has a monkey pet too. And she's so smart...

Monkey see Monkey do

This monkey don't eat no cheap bananas. Only dragon fruit

Daniel with the homemade ice cream


jessica + nath + daniel


Tea time!

michelle + steven + jessica

daniel + jessica + aaron + nath

eugene + sleeping beauty eri

Stay tune for part 4 :D



Zooropa said...

OMG, the monkey is feeded with carbonated drinks?...Have a nice weekend!


Akira 思胜 said...

Wah, the dragon fruit tree is so tall! I never expected to be so tall...

Jessica said...

itu passion fruit laaaa.. :P

John Lim said...

ice cream looks wrong.. nvm:D guess it shud be tasty..ok. even more wrong. hahahaha

Hugo Lim said...

grammar error!!!

stay tuneD!!! :P

zooooom, why u didnt ajak me go :P

-waiseng- said...

Well, wht can I say, monkey see monkey do :D

Yeap, it's really tall. And it's kinda ugly actually. LOL

:D Ter-forgot

[john lim]
ice cream batang FTW

[hugo lim]
ok ok, will change it.