Wednesday, June 4, 2008

= Dinner At Audrey's Place =

Dinner at Auds's place. Her house is so nice, warm and comfy. It's like an Ikea showroom. :D

jacintha + kenny yap + john + kenny yeo


I really like the color combination. I'm going to paint mine the same in the future. :D

I like fried chicken. Yum

Everyone's preparing

ready, set, makan~... oh, say grace first

all eyes on kenny

That's Audrey on the far left, the host that night. :)

These are the people in CF, Christian Fellowship. They are so nice and friendly.



Clareen said...

saw your pics on lowyat dot net.

The one on Eye On Malaysia night pics.

Im a D40X user btw =d

ws said...

thanks for visiting :)