Saturday, June 21, 2008

= Sarawak Food =

This time we go makan Serawak's famous Kolo Mee. It's actually called Mee Sarawak here in the peninsular.

This one was from a cafe.

*with aircond and nice service, but the taste was not so good and the portion is little

This one was on the streets

*without air cond. and not so nice service, this 1 is much better.

Kuching Arch

Here's the place where they sell a lot of souvenirs.

me + bro


From what I noticed, Sarawakians dont like the drinks "kao" Almost every shops we went, all the drinks they gave was so "nipis". Even my milo-ais

Satay Babi. Oh, so nice

Pepper Store

Kuching is really fomous for its pepper. They got all sorts of pepper products including sweets and even perfumes.



Jessica said...

pepper parfumes? is tat perfumes u meant? to let ppl sneeze a..? hahaaa

-waiseng- said...

LOL, those are pepper sprays. This is perfumes. :D

Belle said...

did u try the pepper sweet. They r so "kick" but its heaty(make pp get sore throat)

Akira 思胜 said...

Kolo Mee!!! Finally I saw it for the 1st time since I heard from a friend who went there... Nice?

-waiseng- said...

got, nice ler. Eat one or 2 is ok la.

yea, its nice. the ingredient is like wan tan mee, jz that this mee is flat.