Sunday, July 27, 2008

= I Love Jamming With Daughtry =

Daughtry Live In Malaysia

Firstly, I wanna thank Shaz for inviting me to XFresh's Plug&Play and also Daughtry Live In Malaysia. "I Love Jamming With Daughtry" was held in 1 Utama's Central Park Avenue.

Media Pass

Which means you get to stand 2 - 5 metres away from Daughtry!! Thanks to SHAZ again. You The Man!

At first I was only allowed to enter as normal visitor and cameras are not permitted to be brought in. Luckily he got me a media pass. :)

It started at about 8.30pm with local rappers and I must say, "They are GOOD".

right: Trix, Left: Don't Know :P

This is the media and VIP zone

No Cameras OK?

Daughtry's Super Fans

Mootz and Natalie from

Natalie so playful

Natalie so hawt

After the rapping duo, then came our very own Malaysia Idol, Daniel Lee.

Sang about 3 songs

Singing "Mimpi". One of my favourites from Daniel

Daniel has great personality and jokes alot too. Some of the visitors even brought a "Daniel" banner for support.

After Daniel then it was one of the best DJs in Malaysia.

The guy from the right is from Pop Shuvit

That's Ian from posing with fans
and Natalie helps to take pictures

Daughtry's Assistant

Setting up the gears

So nice of them to pose :D


This time the crowd is really kicking in. It was really getting crazy. I was with them crazy together-gether

Chris Daughtry


The Bassist

He has the coolest hair-do. I want one someday. haaha

Let's Rock!

It was crazily fun and Daughtry Rox! Chris Daughtry ROX! Sony Ericsson Rox! TUBORG Rox! Domino's Pizza Rox! Starbucks RoxX! The TUBORG Girls Rox! and last but not least SHAZ ROX!



ViaN said...

what a long post with a lot of photos..!!! eh.. u said cannot bring camera in, then how u took all these pic :D

**i will try try try so hard to keep fit...!!!!! I wont let u see my ***** again and misunderstood i P*******

lcfu said...

wow, what a great night huuh!! i havent been to such event since 8yrs ago

-waiseng- said...

because I got special pass, the Media Pass. So I can bring and also go very near him and take pictures. :D

Don't keep fit la, we keep fat together-gether. :D

It was awesome!! what was the event 8 years ago?

Akira 思胜 said...

Haha, media pass? Are u sure u are one of the media too? Hehe...

EVo said...

Dude! U lucky fella! why so well connected one? next time if got extra tickets auction k...i sms natalie so much la..that woman! >_<

-waiseng- said...

I'm media for malaysian blogger. haha

LOL, that pass was hard to get. Thanks to a friend he managed to get one.

hahaha, natalie is really cute!

Billy said...

Wow, u went to the concert eh..
My cousin was bugging everyone for tickets.. Haha
Nice pics. Wondering how u'll look with the Mohican hairstyle.. hehehe =P

Bryan Hoo said...

pergi concert tak ajak..
why my friend become like this nowaday...
banyak kecewa..

-waiseng- said...

I will try Mohawk someday. But my body no tattoos la, so not yeng also. Macam budak Mohawk baik saja

kyliemc said...

wai seng, tht guy with trix is liang...and tht dj is ean instead of ian :)

i was there too but couldnt bring in camera :( should hv kept my camera in the pocket coz they only checked girls' handbags...

E Ling said...

geramnya.. i jealous already la.. iyer..i was really wanting to go to this concert badly..arggg..Bryan next time we both go out hang out pun we don't let waiseng know.. let him be alone hahaha.. lol..

Bryan Hoo said...

haha yalo yalo.
we go makan makan main main diam diam dun let waiseng know~ wuahahahaha