Wednesday, July 2, 2008

= Wanted Comic by Mark Millar =

After watching Wanted Movie for three times, yes 3 times, I'm crazy, I read the comic. The comic is totally different from the Movie itself. Half the plot was changed and they even added extra abilities for Westley Gibson and the rest of the gang. In the comic there is no curving shots, no weavers decrypting out names from threads, no Mr. Gunsmith, no Mr. Repairman and certainly there's no Russians with mouse fetish.

The story from the comic goes like this, at the 21st century all the Super Heroes were killed by a group of Super Villains which are called The Fraternity. The Fraternity is a secret group which is hid from the public eye to avoid attentions. But if any crime that is committed by the member of The Fraternity there will be no consequences.

When Fox recruited Wesley Gibson, she told him about the death of this Super Villain Dad and trained him to be just like his dad so that he will be a member of The Fraternity.

Then there's no Sloan, he's called Dr Soloman who is a genius in anyway from creating super weapons to teleporting machines. He's the good guy in the bad guys cos in The Fraternity, there's no good people anymore. There's Mr. Rictus who is the baddest ass in The Fraternitny.

To cut the story short, Mr. Rictus wants to have more power over Dr. Solomon, he recruited his army of Super Villians and kills Dr. Soloman. So that made Wesley Gibson *also known as The Killer* and The Fox mad and took revenge. After they killed Mr. Rictus, then Wesley's dad showed up. By the way, all Super Villians are wearing costumes so does The Killer. He has this latex suit just like Cicakman.

So when his dad showed up, he was trying to make Wesley a man and felt sorry that he left him when he was a baby. Then asked him to kill him so that Wesley is able to inherit his wealth.

Personally, I don't like the story from the comic because of the Super Villains and there's no good guys. Everyone is evil. The main reason is that Fox in the comic is not as hot as Angelina Jolie :D

Oh, this comic has a lot of cursing and swearing, nudity and violence.

P.S. On an unrelated not, if you guys are waiting for the new Batman The Dark Knight, there's a filler for that movie which is Batman Gotham Knight. Go watch it before The Dark Knight comes out. The Gotham Knight is an animated movie, anime style!


Akira 思胜 said...

Wahsai, you watched the movie 3 times? Really salute to u!!! Seem that u are crazy with Wanted until became like that... haha..

Yeah, I want to watch The Dark Knight for sure, I love Batman!!!

-waiseng- said...

oh, it's because there were 3 different groups of friends.

Partly there's angelina jolie in it. :D

reddishTea said...

yea angelina is h.o.t h.o.t h.o.t~