Monday, August 11, 2008

= Kim Gary with Eileen & Friends =

Eileen, an air stewardess from Al-Itihad Airlines just came back for a night in KUL(Kuala Lumpur) and then the next morning have to fly back to EY/ETD (Abu Dhabi). Since she's an air stewardess so I have to use airport terms. So she called a bunch of guys up to have a meal in Kim Gary, Sungai Wang.

L-R: yewwing + me + bryan + kahmun + eling + shah + yitming + eileen + bernard + cheekit

Oh, she also said she only hangout with "batangs". LOL

eileen so happy to meet her friends

cheekit + kahmun + yewwing

Kahmun is the so funny, he crack jokes that is so geng making everyone to have a hardtime breathing. LOL

eileen + me

I smile and stand macam budak kecik. Maybe she was my ex-tutor gua. haha Ehem, we're the same age. LOL

P.S. Later only update my convo! :P



Akira 思胜 said...

No food photos? haha...

Bro, sorry ya, I cant meet up with u coz my schedules are quite tight that few days...

Will try to meet u next time ya!

Mei-Wah said...

congratulations on your convocation! welcome to the working world... :)


-waiseng- said...

that's alright bro. Next time then :P

hehe, it's up now. thanks. working life is a sigh? haha

auds said...

wahh.. open your blog and see kah mun's face. :|
haha.. congrats bro! :)