Wednesday, August 20, 2008

= Shoutout Outing to The Mummy 3 =

Went to MidValley to meet the Shouout gang to watch The Mummy 3. Meet up with them in Carls Junior.

david + jane + jessica

jane + jessica

daniel + aaron + david

then jane came along :)

william with his Sony gear

jessica + steven

There were Satkuru and also Angeline, they came late and takde ambil their pictures. :P

Then we went for Mummy 3, personally i think that movie was ok. But not as good as the previous two.

taken this from Jessica

me + angeline + satkuru + david + jane + jessica + steven
william + aaron + daniel

william is always camera-ready



Akira 思胜 said...

Mummy 3 is good, I think so, but it considers a good movie with the help of Jet Li...

reddishTea said...

mana ur face?

Bryan Hoo said...

why i dunno SO got the mummy3 outing 1???!?!?!?

danielctw said...

the movie... i give thumbs down.. so the fake

-waiseng- said...

yea, i think the movie is kinda good too. Funny :D

they dun wanna take :(

[bryan hoo]
err..i think last minute gua

ok la the movie. But this is subjective la. HAHA

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

Wow...The OL not bad =)

-waiseng- said...

u wanna know her? ^^