Tuesday, August 26, 2008

= University Malaysia Convocation 2008 =

I got a job as a photographer to take pictures during the convocation in University Malaysia. Got the contacts from Angeline. Thanks.

I was assigned to follow Rachel, my employer, to take photographs of her with her friends.

Noticed the umbrellas behind? I was raining that evening, and it was really tricky to handle a camera and also an umbrella.

rachel, my employer

aaron + evelyn

Met up with Aaron there as well, his employer was Evelyn.


Anonymous said...

congrats to those who graduated :)

Akira 思胜 said...

Wow, so many pretties ler... U syok lar... hehe...

Chobits said...

LOL! Employer? Did she pay you? Haha~ But it's ok coz you can take leng lui pic for free, should be happy. ^^ Ohya and congrats to your employer. XD

-waiseng- said...

thanks :)

haha, ya lor. they so pretty :D

yeap, she pays. I and got to take so many pictures of so many leng luis. :D

Bryan Hoo said...

wah got job d wooor no bad.
how the paid ah? haha