Wednesday, September 10, 2008

= Happy Birthday Jessica Lim =


We went Seoul Garden in One Utama. Before that, she was kidnapped here, blindfolded. HAHAHA, what a thrilling experience ya? :D

Jessica with the candle lit cake + steven looking

the mastermind angeline





the interior

the birthday girl

me + steven + jessica + william + satkuru + aaron



Akira 思胜 said...

HMm, where is the restaurant? Nice?

Alice Teh said...

Happy birthday to Jessica! :)

Bell said...

What?! A Birthday "kidnapping" followed immediately by a nice dinner, photos and presents?! Blasphemy! No nasty pranks? No smothering with whipped cream, flour and eggs before giving her new clothes to wear? That's not a kidnapping... *shakes head in disappointment*
:P Hope u guys had fun and good food though :)

Gideon Yoong said...

hey bro.
eh u oso noe william leong 1 wor
same course ar?

Jessica said...

haha, thanks for the party waiseng..and the post! ^_^ me myself haven't even update about it pun. swt.

alice, thanks for the wishes.
and bell...need so hardcore type of kidnapping o? O_O scary..lucky you're not the mastermind. haha!

what a celebration for a 22 o.. >.<

-waiseng- said...

It's in One Utama :D

[alice teh]
I'll tell her. thanks

belle ar, she already kena from office lor. So we spare her that time lo. HAHA

[gideon yoong]
Yea, I know him but we were in different courses. He's in Engineering and I'm in IT

HAHA, welcome. :D

R_T said...

The pics are lil dark, issit intentional or......?