Monday, September 15, 2008

= The Taylors College Dance Club Presents Dance Arena Pt 2=

Continuing from the previous event, these are the winners.

third place

second place


first place

-_-" peace at the butt

After announcing the winners, it's everyone's turn to have so booty shakin' :D

I can dance while doing the "yao yeng" pose

After that the whole Taylor's car park becomes a dance floor. NICE!

karena + yungchien

Among the people that were with me were Sandra, Gary, Babyface Andrew, Joseph, Benjamin, Yungchien, Yintse and Shaynee. Nice rite? Unfortunately Yintse and Shaynee came to see the announcement of the winners only.



Akira 思胜 said...

Got breakdance? Long time dint see this kind of performance already...

reddishTea said...

yealar!! jus only can hear "and the champion is bla bla bla"

damn sad.

icebreaker said...

Gosh!! It's so nice.. How i wish i could see that with my own naked eyes!!! :)

-waiseng- said...

yeap, they were so good in it.

told u lion head lor. HAHAHA

yeap, the atmosphere was awesome!

Alice Teh said...

So much fun! It'd be great to see them live too. :D

Kels Photography said...

Last photo flash wrong joh...
should use omnibounce then direct will have a clearer photos.just ma 2cent