Sunday, October 5, 2008

= Dinner with Alexis =

Went to the Ikano Power Center to meet up with Alexis, my ex-classmate for dinner. We ate steamboat, yey!


the beef looks really fresh

maggi mee?

That's fish paste in the background. This is a set of my steamboat. I ordered fish paste.

Anyways, not much pictures for this post but it's nice seeing her again after so long.



Akira 思胜 said...

Hehe, so admire your life ler, always went out for outings...

SteveZeN said...

yeah lo..some people alway so free one..go i didnt know got steamboat restaurant there

-waiseng- said...

u can too wat. y not.

this is what i call work hard! play harder!

Benghan said...

Wah what the .. I know Alexis too .... Small world!

Alice Teh said...

Steamboat is nice! (But I too lazy to 'cook'. LOL)

-waiseng- said...

really? hahaha, how did u know her? from work?

[alice teh]
jz dump whatever into the soup and wait, then scoop whatever is in it. Easy. HAHA