Friday, October 3, 2008

= Lunch at Delicious =

Sandra introduced this cool restaurant, Delicious in Marc Residence just beside KLCC.

remember this picture?

the interior

I just love the interior, a tree inside! Just love the concept. I want one in my room too :D

karena's bolognese


Quite afew ordered this.

simon's seafood spaghetti

thai crab meat spaghetti

This was what the waitress introduced to me and it is really nice! I tried the same dish in 1 utama and it was bad. If you guys wanna try this, go to Marc Residence.

cheewei's caviar spaghetti

gary's cake

Overflowing chocolate is always the way to go. :P

karena + simon

joseph + bryan + sandra


gideon + me

everyone dive in!

the people who went

Cheewei + Andrew + Gary + Gedeon + me + Simon + Karena + Joseph + Bryan + Sandra

Second Group Picture

The mirror image picture was requested by Karena. Good idea :)



Akira 思胜 said...

Nice pic for the last one wor... hehe...

See the pic of the food already made me hungry lar...

Alice Teh said...

Nice pics, Wai Seng! :D

I was also at Delicious but 1 Utama's outlet on Wednesday with family. Maybe I'll try the one you guys went some time later. Too bad I'm not working in KLCC anymore, otherwise so senang...

lcfu said...

yeah nice shots ya those food said...

eee.. waiseng! food again! *sobx*

-waiseng- said...

[akira & lcfu]
Thanks :)

haha, treat is as a family outing to KL :D

[yien yien]

Pippo said...

karena sounds like kelengna hahaha

-waiseng- said...

kelengna!? hahahaha she is called ah neh also sometimes

reddishTea said...

i also wanna dive into the overflowing chocolate cakeeeeee! =P

charis said...

i know gideon! =p