Wednesday, October 15, 2008

= Lunch At Sakae =

Lunch with mom at Sakae Sushi in Subang Parade.

Cut and fried unagi sushi

Soft shell Crab

Japanese Curry Rice


P.S. Thanks Akira for the info :)

I dunno what is this.

P.S. Thank Yvonne for the info :)

The outer brown layer was abit too sweet.



ViaN said...

where is Mrs. Phoon?

JeromeFo令狐冲 said...

I miss Japanese Curry Rice!!!!
Long time didn't try it already ><

- yEng - said...

woowoo..hungry..why every morning i cum here..all also is food geh..alamak!!!

japanese food -- i lov it~~
sumore i realli like the unagi sushi and the curry rice..soo miss it!!!

Akira 思胜 said...

That chawan is chawanmushi... Hehe... I love to go Sakae Sushi too, the salmon sushi is quite cheaper as compare to Sushi King...

Alice Teh said...

Hi Wai Seng, I've only went once and I think it was at the Changi Airport.

-waiseng- said...

She doesnt want me to post wor. :P

Yea, the curry was kinda good. especially with japanese rice

HAHA, normally my post involves alot of food. Like that only nice ma. HAHA

Yea, I prefer Sakae then Sushi King cos the interior is much better there. The price is reasonable too.

[alice teh]
you should try one in Malaysia, they have alot of outlets too in Klang Valley :)

Chobits said...

I heard that Sakae Sushi is nicer than sushi king and other sushi shops, what you think? ^^ Wow, my favourite unagi...saliva is out..

-waiseng- said...

I think Sakae is good and definitely better than Sushi King. But the nicest I've ever tried is from Umaiya.

ZARA said...


I must go to eat sushi this week!

Almost drooling now~

Sushi King got promotion this week, hoyeah!

I can't find Sakae here [can I eat it?]....but will check about it...


James Younghusband said...

nice set of pics it made me hungry

Anonymous said...

Yes that curry rice is very nice. I like to eat it if I can.

Omega Squalene said...

Those food looks so yummy...