Thursday, January 18, 2007

= Back Windscreen =

My mom said when she opened the car door, masuk, then close door *bang*

Maybe was the stone kena-ed during the bangladeshi cutting grass. Cos, once there's a crack, then it'll get bigger n bigger and in no time then it starts falling pieces by pieces.

Then brought it to the Perodua Factory and fix. *PENGSAN* they said not covered for warranty, the insurance guy also said "Ini takde cover la" *DOUBLE PENGSAN*. *SIGH* nvm la, pay rm350 only lo, then when wanna take back the 'DVVT' sticker also dun have and asspect us to buy the sticker. Summore need to add rm4.50 for small-ass sticker *TRIPLE PENGSAN*

As I know the front windscreen is covered with a piece of plactic for safety purposes because if it breaks it wounldn't shatter into pieces. But i think the back windscreen should have too.


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