Sunday, January 21, 2007

hmm....i dont know what title i should have put up there, so i'll jz leave it blank k? ^^

I jz learned a new thing from my brother recently, it's taking pictures in the fitting room, hahaha. y?? it's because all nice shirts or T's are so expensive nowadays, and the only way to wear it but cant own it is only in the fitting room... hahaha, frankly it's a very embarassing thing to tell, but who cares, I got a thick skin...:P Actually i bought this shirt, but I realised what I've learned from my bro, so might as well jz use his "technique". So if next time i see shirts that I cant afford to buy, then I'jz try on it, snap afew then give them back, hahahahaha.

Lately I have been playing an MMORPG game(FlyFF) and i got so hooked up on it. I even went to the games forum to see quest solutions. I came across a Q and A section where some1 posted a very n00b question, alot of the user was flaring the the person who posted that question. This happens alot of time but the thing that caught my eye is this guy didnt type anything, but jz a picture, and here it is....

I jz downloaded Hannah Tan's Album and I must say that she really has a smokin' hot body. WOW... She has a nice voice, but the music is not really nice. mayb her next album, the composers will give her better musics to sing
^^.^^. Hawwtt! + Talent = Hannah Tan



excaliber said...

hey man, can gimme the link to download, pls

-waiseng- said...

i used torrent to download.