Monday, January 29, 2007

= The Very Best Wishes To Tong Jing, Jeans <3 Mee Ling, Mrs Ng =

I attended to one of my best friends wedding in Bukit Mertajam, Penang. It was really tiring to go there but it was well worth it. There were a lot of fun events during the 'cip san leong' (bridegroom getting the bride to be exact, ^^) at 1st the door was locked when we reached and the groom was made to drink "3 bottles of GOD and the girls inside know what" are in the BABY BOTTLE. ofcos we the men are so "hengtai" enough to help him drink them all. Aight! Nuff said, cos pictures are worth a thousand words...

When we 1st reached the groom's house, we have to stock up our energy to help the groom to get his bride for the "mischievous girls in their fort, HAHA"

See how charming he is

One of the Chinese Custom is bring his son to the car, for good luck maybe (-_-? i dunno these stuffs, Chinese Custom NooB)

This ONE too

Also one of the Chinese custom, the Best Man has to feed the groom

Secret letter from one of the girls again, this time u need to heat the letter from underneath
LOL, the best man 'sapu' all the mischievous tricks from the girls, ^^

Aww, look at the bride, so beautiful..a match made from heaven

Exchanging rings

A good luck pork at the bumper of the car

During dinner

Face was kinda red

The groom was abit jealous when he realised that i was wearing pink too -.-

One Big Happy Family, ^^

She looks like one of the TVB stars, Angela Tong rite?

Are they sister?? ^.^?

See how cute the baby is...


Hugo Lim said...

She really look like one... OMFG

-waiseng- said...

look like the TVB actress rite? sadly I dunno what's her name :(