Friday, February 2, 2007

= Guys Outing to 1Utama =

Todays journey to 1Utama was really tiring but it was really fun, lots of people to look at and also to be looked at, hahahaha. That's because there're so many handsome, yauyeng, macho guys (Bryan, Keat Meng, Steven, Kenny and Chua, not including wooikhang because he ffk us because of some dunno what reason) from MMU that are going to be looked at, ehem..

When we were at the Cyberia bus stop, there are a lot of people from Cyberia going to different places. Jessica was going to Sg Wang to find her friend and was with us before interchanging bus at Putrajaya Sentral.

OK...I was so hungry that I wouldn't mind eating free breads in front of Jaya Jusco where they give free food to test as my lunch. First we went to the ATM to get cash which is ok cos if we don't we'll be washing dishes at the back of the restaurant. But after taking money, we couldn't make up our minds on where to eat. We scouted for a decent restaurant from the corner of the old wing, to the top of the new wing and then to the corner of the new wing, which is walking through the whole 1Utama....with EMPTY stomachs. But it can't be blamed too, cos it was a public holiday, lunch time and it is 1UTAMA!! Even WK has to wait 1hour for a parking space for his brand new Toyota VIOS.

So we went for WONG KOK Restaurant. It's my frist time there and I would say that it is a nice hang out spot, nice setting.

This was what i called except the burger. Everyone's meal was very nice and delicious excepts Chua's spider drink. I think it's made from some 1000 years old spider gut from the caves of Mordor. It tasted so damn horrible, it was unexplainable. My drink tasted like medicine but I like it, haha because it tasted like children's Chewies Vitamin C ^^

After makan, it's obvious that we have to do some minor exercise to help digestions and to ease our stomachs because our appetite got over excited, ^^. So what was the minor exercise? SHOPPING ofcourse!! (OK,this has to stop I sound so gay. A guy getting so excited when he gotta shop) which was our main reason going there. We went from Baleno, Comma, FOS, SEED concept and a lot more

This was the Padini that I bought from SEED concept. (OK, I know it looks a little lame and a lot gay cam whoring in a fitting room, nxt time no more fitting room pictures hahahaha)



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lilo said...

the shirt makes you look very yao yeng :) i was at 1u that day too

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