Saturday, February 24, 2007

= Chinese New Year 2007 =

It was kind of a boring CNY this year. I spent the whole 2nights at my father's side and the whole 3nights at my mom's side. I was in the same house all the time and I didn't go out :( It was really really boring over there *sob sob* The angpows I got was really little too *wah~!!* Luckily I got 1 extraordinary angpow which is very cool.




*there's a small pocket to put the $$, got it from China. Creative Peeps*

*WALAUEH, these were what I got this year!!*

Then i took a few pictures with my relatives

*this is where we meet up every year, it's the TC-BOY main office*

*that's the real TC-BOY, unfortunately he passed away a few yrs back :(*

*me, cousin, granma*

*uncle, me*

*cousin me cousin*

CNY this year wasn't good for me though, until the last night my uncle brought us to Autocity. Man! that place is 1 hell of a place to fish chicks. So many of them dressed nicely. Too bad I forgot to take my camera out, and damn my mobile's camera sucks. Bad lightings bring bad pictures *BOO*

This is what I did in my granma's house. It was so silly but hell, that's a way to kill time :)



*after the after, haha*

*killing time*

Not much interesting things more to blog since the whole time I was eating my heart out or sleeping like a log. Don't be surprise if u see me that I had grown sideways ( ^.^ ) *kaka*


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