Saturday, February 24, 2007

= Ghost Rider Trip =

K! At first Bryan was planing to go Sunway Pyramid for GhostRider, but then we thought of the jam and the parking problems then we went to TheMines. Watched the 12am show which is the latest 1 on that night. I'll say it wasn't worth that much because the trouble we got was so huge. Y? We were actually waiting for the "uncollected reserves" or the Cantonese call it "Chap Sei Kai"@"Picking up dead chickens". That was so humiliating to stand at the front line and letting the back ones to pass if they wanna buy tickets for stupid shows (something hantu). We had to wait until 11.40 to get the reserved tickets. Of cos there are a few who joined in the "humiliation program" *haha*

I wished I had followed Connie to Maison *SOB SOB*. FYI it's a Club

Here's what we did before the show starts.

*Andrew trying to shoot*

*Bryan the PRO*

Before that we went to the arcades, and there's 1 arcade machine which is super cun. It's been awhile that I have visit the arcades. I was like super "budak kampung" when I saw it.

*waa, new technology*

I think this is the 3Kingdoms game. First you buy a starter pack, then u get some Chinese General Card. U place the cards on the board then u start playing. When u fight with the enemy, u have to physically move the card. Eg. if u wanna attack side ways, then u twist it sideways and move it, like a DJ scratching his discs on the turn table. Super Cool.

*WTF rm29 for a starter pack!?*


* This is what I call an enthusiastic PRO *

This 1 was the football version, we were waiting there for ppl to play it. BUT!! football needs 11 player, so should we put 11 cards down?? Cos the 3Kingdoms version only has 3 - 4 cards only. Hmm... mayb 11 cards is a bit too expensive.

Then after that off we go to "pick the dead chickens". *HAHA*


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