Thursday, February 8, 2007

= PisseD =

I was checking my email and found out those friendster reminder email in my inbox, I saw a friend request for this Azalea girl. So I checked out her profile and noticed that she was kind of hot on the body only and of cos i browse through her picture album. And mind you there's no single male in the world world jz skip or close the window after looking at her picture at the main page only. So, normally when I add a friend in my list there'll be a warm welcome message from me.

A few hours there's a message there was a message replied back to me.

I was pissed when I saw the replied message. Here's a message back to you: "IF YOU WANT SEX FROM ME, YOU SHOULD BE FUCKING PAYING ME BITCH!!" Do I look like a person who pays for sex to you!? FYI: rm800!? Seriously!? u really thought that u are at that level!? Even Paris Hilton wouldn't cost that much(NO!!, if she's into this, she would cost like rm8million, LoL)

Ofcos that was jz a figure of speech. I won't trade this body for some whores like that.

I didn't know that these "corrupted-and-should-be-sent-to-HELL-BITCHES" are working their way through as well. People nowadays should be more careful when surfing through FRIENDSTER or any other sites which serves the same purpose as FRIENDSTER.

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*siLLy piGGY* said...
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*siLLy piGGY* said...
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*siLLy piGGY* said...

fuh~Cool down dude...dun be so pissed eh~calm down..
Maybe she thinks her enormous breast worth rm800 gua~
can't have the idea how she get balance when she's walking...
Bet she can't walk in straight line~ LOL!

-waiseng- said...

haha, mayb lo...i think she wans to pay back the debts from her implants

ein said...

from her photos, she dare say beauty with brains. if she got brains she oso wont kena cheat or trade body with money ler..

ws, fast fast delete her frm ur account! or best, send her a rotten carrot and ask her to "fuck hersel!"

-waiseng- said...

*ha ha ha* will delete her account in my list then if im lucky ill find out where she stays and mail a BIG rotten carrot to her with "little nice messages" *grin ^^*

Johnathan said...

hahaha... that slut... why on earth you wanna add her in the 1st place... see her pictures also know she damn slutty and sure wanna get bang a couple of times... pay 800 to have sex with her for a day... hmm... dunno what infectionshe got on her pussy also... HAHAHAHA!!

-waiseng- said...

haha, she added me wan leh, i jz approved only....LOL.