Thursday, February 15, 2007

= V's Day 2007 & CNY Is Coming =

Yesterday was a very special day for LOVERS around the world where they could express their hearts out in the public. Not that u can't do that on any other days, but jz that the public don't put as much pressure on you for this day only.

As one of my friend told me during lunch this afternoon, people were so dramatic in MidValley. They were like in the movies where the guy on the other end running towards the girl and vice versa, hugging each other. To me it's really sweet if this thing occur to someone. YES! It may look kind of weird to the others(even to me), some staring with "OH-MY-GOD-WHAT-HAPPENed-TO-THESE-KIDS" to some auntie, but if u take a sec to think, 'what if this happens to you?' I bet that you'll tell this to your children, your grandchildren, or maybe great grandchildren then you'll be sharing this with your new friends in heaven :)

People may think that it's overly exaggerated but the experience and the lovely memory u got is attached to you until you are buried in a box one day.

Ok, why am I being so emo on the entry? hmm...maybe I'm single now? or maybe too much estrogen-pumped chickens for dinner :P If the next Valentine and I got no girlfriend at the time, I'm gonna take any girl(single) out for a nice dinner jz for the fun of it ;P

So, Chinese New Year is coming soon. Which mean I can see alot of family members and also distant relatives which I know them by face, but dunno what family tie I have with them :P I love going to my Grand Uncle's house for gathering because there is where I get most of the AngPows'. BTW, he's the BOSS of TC-Boy(canned food products). It is also where I can know a lot of 'cun' chick which later will turn out to be my auntie(some are even younger then me) :( and NO! I won't introduce them to you!! :D

Reunion dinners are fun too cos you can have a good 'LouSang'. It higher it goes, the more good luck u can get. Maybe? -.-! Im totally lost in Chinese customs.



Hugo Lim said...

"I'm gonna take any girl(single) out for a nice dinner jz for the fun of it ;P"

Super duper desperado

-waiseng- said...

haha, betul betul. Ur right!!