Friday, March 9, 2007

= So Lazy =

When I wanted to make a new post(finally!), I found out all my pictures that I wanted to share with the people are in my camera which I left it at Cyber. -_-!

I have to admit that I have been so lazy to update the blog these couple of weeks and I jz wanna say that I sorry to all my 'fans', ^.^' Will update it ASAP when Im back into the DIGITAL CITY(konon!) The past week I noticed that alot of my 'blogger homies' are also like me, no frequent update as well. I guess they're still in a holiday mood(C'mon lar, Chap Goh Meh also past ald larr).

Oh yea, another reason to put into account is that I was sick for the past 2 days. :( Not enough sleep I guess. Y?? Not assignments! but GIGABYTES of TV-shows, movies, animes, mangas. HAHAHA.

I jz found out a private tracker from MMU and hell it is useful to us, Streamyx user. This 1 is special thanks to Mr. Bryan for the link. OK! here's a tutorial on how to get it. First get this, and then type into the address box in any computer that are connected to MMU server. I only tell u guys this is because AFTER YOU GOT THE STUFFS PLEASE TELL ME WHAT HAVE YOU DOWNLOADED because once the show is no longer seeded by them, I'll get it from you. share share ma! Promise? :)

Assignment deadlines and mid-term are coming ald yet Im not studying, damn!! So anyone wants to go for 300? ^.^'

They even got an IMAX version!?!? Does M'sia has it too!? Wee!!