Monday, March 19, 2007

= 300 x3 =

Lately I have not been updating this blog. It's not that I'm busy, it's because I got not much interesting things to show the readers. I don't wanna bore you with "This morning I did this, and that then this..." these kind of things. I would be so boring that bring down the popularity of this blog, hahahaha. Jz kidding. No offense to those to treat their blog as their personal diary though.

The previous weekend was kinda fun. First I had to stay up the whole night finishing my Computer Animation assignment. Then there's no sleep after submission because Kenny keeps wanting me to go to the movies with him and Chua. Actually I had promised him to go for 300 but I was kinda tired after the sleepless night, but a promise is a promise.

Had our dinner at Kim Gary's then to the movie. YEAH~!! I can say that Three Hundred is the coolest movie of the year because of the fighting scenes, men with 8packs that you don't see it anywhere and blood spilling on each others faces. ^^ That is what I call a good movie. A job well done *thumbs and claps and respects*

Don't say that I didnt contribute to the movie industry and also TGV cinema. x3 mates. Triple KILL!!

Then the 2nd time was with Bryan. That was after he met up with Yi Ping. She was quite friendly. Kinda cute too ^^. You can check her her out in his blog. She brought 2 friends along. Both were hot ^^. Y Bryan has so many HOT friends wan ar!? Always senyap senyap, sapu all to himself :(

Then 2 days later, while I was storytelling about the great 300, dad was excited to and ask me to buy tickets. HAHA.

P.S Due to sucky conection, uploading pics will not be in this post. :( maybe later ya? (It took me 3 mins to upload this pic, <200kb>

As promised, these are a few pictures taken during the CNYE Banquet.

This were the settings

Jillian, Me, SteventanZ, Kenny, Chua

Chua, Kenny, Me, Bryan, Steven

One person was entitled to get only 1 golden coin choc. what about me? ^^

Nice design on the ticket.