Sunday, April 8, 2007

= Tzu Chi Outing =

Tzu Chi is a society which was formed by a Buddist Nun. I'm not too sure about the history of Tzu Chi though. So I was introduced by Voonfei to join Tzu Chi's activity last Wednesday. It was collecting recyclable stuffs for charity. It was really fun and the people there was very enthusiastic and friendly. No pictures were taken though cos my hands were all sweaty and dusty. Didnt wanna get my mobile all dusty ^^

Then later Hsin Hui, the boss of TzuChi, MMU division, invited me to visit Burmese Children in Selayang on Saturday. It was supposed to be a Muslim school where volunteers came to teach the unfortunates. The area wasn't suitable for kids cos it was quite rundown and the people living there are quite, erm.... uneducated? The kids were there cos their parents are refuge from Myanmar and some are orpahns.

When all of us went upstairs, the kids was really happy to see them. They were abit surprised to see me, they were like "owh! they got new members, great. Looks abit NEWB la". 1st we introduced ourselves with our names followed by an animal. So I represent a bull....or a cow...or Abang Lembu, ^^ So they were asked to wash their hands and I was in charged of wiping their hands. So thoughtful of them to say "Terima Kasih, Bang". Yes, they were Burmese kids and they speak Malay well, better than I do.

The paper wasn't crumpled when I showed
the kids la, jz realized thatI dun have any
pictures when I got home, so quickly snap a shot lo.

We played games, coloring, played a sketch, sing songs and a lot of other fun stuffs, YEY! It was a really fun trip with the guys over there and would like to participate again. Call me up ya!

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