Thursday, April 12, 2007

= Things that doesn't always happen =

Suddenly I felt the urge to blog right after I reached home. Y? ^^It will be elaborated now; I jz attended this seminar in MMU. It was a talk on financial planning from this company, KK SMART. Kaleidoscope of Knowledge, Sincere.Mannerism.Appreciate.R*******,Team Spirit. I forgot what was R ald, haha.

Okay, that talk wasn't the urge to make me blog. It was the lucky draw. Erm..or should I say Q&A session, cos before that, the girls from the company told us that there will be a lucky draw.

while I was filling my attendance(like attending lectures, LoL)

-waiseng-: So what are you guys giving away?

KK girl: we're giving away what is practical..

-waiseng-: practical?? hmm.... money?

KK girl: yeap... and here's ur door gift (which was an AIA pen which I dun understand how KK SMART and AIA was realated)

So after the talk, the speaker asked us, "what does KK SMART stands for?" There's 1 guy answered. "Kaleidoscope of Knowledge!". Then she gave him an envelope. waaa.....It's cash wor. So I tried to answer the next question which was correct, ^^ then I got my envelope. To my surprise and "terkejut-ness" IT WAS FIFTY RINGGIT. waaah... I showed Ling and Belle. "GOR CHAP CHOR LEH"@ rm50 leh(Hokkien). Then every1 was eager to answer the questions. ^^

About 5 mins later, she paused her "money giving session" and then continued her story of success.... Then later hor......out of the blue, she said "I like this boy's face" and walk towards me and gave me another envolope. WHAT!?!?!?!? I was so flattered and also ALOTTTT embarassed. Like that also can wan arr?? Belle said to me, "waa....u more pro then those gigolo hor, no need strip also can get money" Malu sial. Maybe that time I was attentive kua. Then she saw my enthusiasm, then give me another envelope lo.

After the session, every1 was like looking at me or "wanna look at me but avoiding eye contact" kind of gesture.... paiseh sial.... hahaha... things like that doesnt happen twice ler ^^

Luckily I went to the seminar. At 1st I felt like FFK-ing the seminar ald, but then dunno y I jz went for it. 6th sense ^^.

P.S: Photo's will be uploaded when the internet connection is much more stable.

The invitation card



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