Sunday, April 15, 2007

= The Upgraded MMU, Cyberjaya =

After the new FIT building was built, things starts to change....... GOOD things starts to change. YEY!

erm... not as big as the previous XR's, BUT it's so nice inside ^^

They got chairs like cinema's seat minus the hand rest, haha

high tech sial ^^

Let's take a look at the side effects.... ermm.... i mean outside of FIT.

if Optimus Prime was a Food Truck

Meals on Wheels

Ayamas is here too...

L2R: honey, black pepper and curryChicken?

Before this nice water cooler (it has hot water too) arrive,
I always get my water either from the
library or the FOE building, :(

Y isn't the police patrol here?
wait.. the American police eats it only rite?

Take that MMU Melacca! HAH!


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